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Introducing the Ripstay® System

Fastest MOLLE connection system in the world. Period. Be Ready.

We designed Ripstays with the sole purpose to give warfighters greater flexibility in how they carry and access their kit. We know quick access to your critical gear is imperative to the success of each mission. Every mission is different, and we want you to be able to set yourself up for success from the very moment mission planning starts.

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We have engineered Ripstay with adaptability allowing you to customize your critical kit for success. Every mission is different, we want you to be able to easily update your system and to quickly remove any component in the field.

"Because you believe MOLLE should be modular"

"The fastest MOLLE system on earth"

"Because you can’t adapt and overcome if you’re kit doesn’t."

"The ultimate modularity in MOLLE"

"Don’t let MOLLE straps hold you back"

"Because you are only as adaptable as your gear."

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Martin will tell you he would rather be busy, than bored, which has lead to extensive world travel (19 countries), noteworthy educational pursuits, 6 years in the USAF, and exciting collaborations with successful start-ups like Draggin Bags. In addition to co-founding Ripstay, he is the founder and principal instructor for Victory Training Co, an emergency preparedness consultancy and training organization which has taught more than 3500 participants since 2013.


Deep down, Garret is a tinker, who enjoys creating and building gear. With a background in manufacturing he is always looking for ways to solve problems and create efficiencies. With a love of the outdoors, his true home is in the mountains. In addition to co-founding Ripstay, he is the founder of Draggin Bags and has been sewing the world’s toughest bags since first launching on Kickstarter 2013.

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